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Home : Mask Making Supplies : Tooth Shade Base

* Price: $47.57

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Average Tooth Shade Base Powder 8oz (203275)
This is the powder side (Polymer) of our two part, self curing, Dental Acrylic System. Mix this component with the liquid (Monomer) to create a pourable mixture that sets to a very hard plastic. We recommend our Average Tooth Shade Powder Base to create teeth that have a gray cast appearance, which is typical of male teeth. It has a generally brighter appearance typical of people that drink water containing flouride. Size: 8oz We recommend our Dark Tooth Shade Powder Base to create teeth that have an old and yellow stained appearance. The Dark Tooth Shade Base is also perfect for Monster or animal teeth.

To lighten tooth shade, use our white Tooth Shade Lightener. Our powder components are sold separately for those people that already have the monomer component. Please note that this powder must be mixed with the correct monomer in order to create a hard setting plastic.