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Foam Latex Kit Animatronic Grade Gallon (203221)
Used throughout the world by top industry professionals, The Monster Makers Foam Latex® Animatronic Grade (formerly known as McLaughlin Foam Latex) is unmatched for its quality, dependability and stability. It¹s unique Microcellular® Chemistry yields a velvety soft foam with extremely fine cells. Ideal for constructing stop motion puppets, and creature suits for large animatronic characters for film and television.

May require heated service subject to weather conditions. Additional shipping charges will apply. In such event customer will be notified.
Size: Gallon Kit

You've seen it in featured in academy award winning The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Land of the Dead, Planet of the Apes, Men in Black 2 and dozens of other feature films and TV's shows. Top foam runners agree that there is no finer product of its kind available today.

The Monster Makers Foam Latex System is suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from: stop motion puppets, prosthetic make-up appliances, creature suits to large animatronic characters for film and television.

Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions and all the necessary components for making foam latex. Choose from Animatronic or Prosthetic Grade Foam Latex Kits depending on your application. Can be baked in molds made from aluminum, stone, fiberglass, epoxies and silicone. Monster Makers Foam Latex is a very economical choice for all sorts of creature and make-up effects and foam is still considered the backbone of the make-up F/X industry.